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New Make, Who This? Tilly and the Buttons Agnes Top!

Hello. It’s been a while.

It’s been a little quiet on my media channels thanks to the end of summer and start of  college and homework, tests, studying, work, friends, events, and lack of adequate sleep…

I’ve been a little busy lately.

However, I did manage to finish some fall pieces before I returned to college. Today’s post is all about Tilly and the Buttons Agnes Top!


This pattern is on my Fall Sewing Plans list, and I could not wait to make it. I’ve seen so many beautiful versions of this top on Instagram and I knew this could become a staple in my wardrobe.

The Pattern

Let’s break it down, shall we?


This pattern is intended for knit fabrics with lots of stretch and recovery. It’s a tight fitting top simple in shape. However, Tilly adds some fantastic little details to make it special. There are options for gathered sleeves and a mock sweetheart neckline.

My Adjustments

Though the pattern is simple, I did some hardcore fitting adjustments. I actually made two muslins!

Before I even cut from the fabric, I widened the shoulder by 0.5 inches.

My first muslin had some funky bunching around the armpit and shoulder area. There was too much fabric in the front of the shoulder, with not enough across the back. The seam didn’t line up with my shoulder joint. And some lovely wrinkles formed from under the arm toward the neckline.

With some intense internet searching, I discovered a magical adjustment called “Forward Shoulder Adjustment”. This would take care of the seam and would fix the bunching and tight fabric. Basically, this adjustment moves the armhole and sleeve forward to fit around my bad posture caused by years of reading and sitting in front of a computer.

This fixed many of the issues except for the wrinkles. Turns out, I also have some sloping shoulders. I had to lower the shoulder and the armhole to accommodate that my shoulders were lower than what the pattern expected.

A lot happened. TL;DR: I did a Wide Shoulder Adjustment, Forward Shoulder Adjustment, and Sloping Shoulder Adjustment.

The Finished Garment

It feels good wearing something that fits- not the “I can get it on, I can get it off” fit- the kind of fit that fits well. 


It took so much time and trial to get it right and it has paid off. Now, I have a fantastic top that fits me better than than my ready to wear. And I have knowledge to pass on to my other makes, so they can fit better.

Moral of the story: take the time to make a muslin, and hammer out all those fit issues!

It's a simple top, but very versatile. I like to wear it with skirts or tucked into jeans.

This fabric is amazing! It’s a beautiful baby pink with little flying birds all across it. It also feels amazing! I found this bamboo jersey from Fabric Depot in Portland and I just couldn’t leave it behind. It like I’m wearing a baby blanket. It’s super soft!

The sleeves are long as well as the top. I could have shortened it by an inch and it would have fit fine.

I do have some reservations about this pattern. It’s tight. Which brings up some issues especially around the armpit. It just bunches up there. The sleeve cap also rides up as well. Part of me wonders if I would feel more comfortable if I sized up.

It's a tight jersey top that made in the wrong fabric can greatly constrict you. This elastic bamboo jersey is perfect for it.

This pattern is also long. I had an inch long hem on the sleeves and I could take that up by an inch. Same with the length of the top.

Tilly and the Buttons Agnes Top made out of a pink bamboo jersey with little black birds as the pattern

Really though! This is a great pattern! I love how it turned out, and I love wearing it! There is something confidence boosting about wearing something that fits your body perfectly- forward sloping shoulders and all.

Thanks for reading!


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