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New Make, Who This? McCall’s 8712!

Here we are, the last of the planned summer makes. This bright dress is my farewell to the warm weather and my invitation to Autumn. As much as I love summer, I really want some rain to come and clean up the air (careful what you wish for Emma! You ask for rain and you’ll get weeks of dreary weather!).

McCall's 8715 looking very nice with a belt

Despite the simple shape of the dress, this make was the one I was most nervous about. When I first began sewing this season, I was not skilled enough to handle the slippery nature of the rayon challis I chose to sew it out of.

But a few months of sewing to level up my skills, and I could tackle this make like every other!

The Pattern

Let’s break it down, shall we?

McCall's 8712

I found this pattern at thrift store. It’s not vintage, but it’s not in print anymore. So, you won’t find it in stores or McCall’s website.

It’s a flared dress pattern with four versions varying in length, ties/no ties, and a slit in the front. It has grown on sleeves and a scoop neckline.

Simple, but cute.

It’s intended for lightweight fabric with good drape. The sizing runs from 4 to 20.

My Adjustments

I made no fit adjustments to the pattern and none when sewing.

I made a few construction differences though. I added a lining since the fabric is a little see-through. I also didn’t add the zipper to the back since I can just slip the dress on over my shoulders. If I can avoid putting in a zipper, I will!

The Finished Garment

McCall's 8712

Let’s just address the elephant in the room.

Should I have pattern matched the front? Yes.

McCall's 8712 belted for definition at the waist

Did I? No.

But besides this one regret I really love this dress.

McCall's 8712 is a flowy flared dress that is loose around the body

This might sound odd but I do think my favorite part is the sleeves. One: because I didn’t have to insert them which is always a struggle, and two: because I think grown on sleeves are a lost trend that should come back. I like the little flare at the shoulders without being over the top. I see it a lot on vintage blouses.

McCall's 8712 features a scoop neckline with a front slit and ties for a bow

I did have some issues getting the lining in and it causes some problems with the neckline. In my defense, I was flying it solo and I’m no rebel pilot.

McCall's 8712 features grown on sleeves that give a nice flare at the shoulders

Next time, I want to cut the front on fold and just omit the little slit altogether. I was thinking that the full length version of the dress would make a good choir gown if I made it in black.

Back View of McCall's 8712

This dress is also super cute with a belt which is how I like to wear it.

So here it is, the last of the summer makes. I still have a few items I’m working on before I go back to school but with this sweet dress I bit adieu to my favorite season.

McCall's 8712 in it's natural form

But hey, pumpkin spice and apple cider is back so I have something to enjoy when the never-ending rain returns!

A Flowy McCall's 8712 made out of a rayon challis

Keep on stitching!


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