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New Make, Who This? Simplicity 1887!

My quest for the perfect pair of summer shorts continues!


I made the Colette Iris shorts and the In The Folds Drawstring Shorts, but I was still not satisfied. I needed more.

As I mentioned in my June Pinspiration, the most beautiful pair of vintage gingham shorts popped into my feed. I had to have them and luckily Simplicity 1887 was a style match. I actually found this pattern at a secondhand store for super cheap and I used thrifted fabric as well! Hurray for saving money!

Making this pattern was in my summer sewing plans, but back when I wrote that post I had no idea what fabric to use. Thanks to that pin and the thrifted fabric, I now have a super cute pair of shorts!

The Pattern

Let’s break it down, shall we?

This Simplicity pattern features options for shorts, skirts, and pants.

The front is shaped with pleating and has and elastic casing back in order to fit a multitude of bodies. There are options for details such as ties, length, and even elastic at the ankle.

This pattern is intended for lightweight woven fabrics and the sizing runs from 8 to 24.

My Adjustments

I cut a size 12 and made no changes to the pattern. However, when it came time to fit the shorts I had to take in the elastic by about five inches just so it would stay up! I was so confused since according to the back of the envelope I did cut out the correct size.

Excess Elastic from Simplicity 1887
What kind of ease are you using Simplicity?!

Next time, I’ll go off of the finished measurements provided to make sure that I’m getting the fit I want.

Finished Garment

I wore these shorts out and the lovely barista told me that they were super cute.


I totally agree with her.

They are super comfy to wear because of the back elastic. I can eat a lot in these and they will still fit. I can run, jump, dance, and breathe in these shorts.


I do wish they were slimmer around the leg, and I’ll fix this in the next pair I make. It seems I have a knack for making clothes that are too big. They did shrink in the wash which saved these shorts, but they’re still a tad large.


In terms of construction, this really wasn’t that bad. I’ve made shorts before so I’m comfortable with the curves. I thought creating the elastic casing was going to be difficult but it absolutely was not. Really, it was just folding over the fabric and stitching a line to make a channel. I was hyping it up to be so bad and complicated so I procrastinated this project for a while. Now I wish I had finished it sooner so I could have worn it more.


So, are these the greatest pair of summer shorts? Sadly, no. But, I’ve worn these a lot more than I thought I would. There’s hope for this pattern, yet!

I will tackle Simplicity 1887 again in the Fall, so just you wait!

Keep on stitching!


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