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August 2018 Pinspiration

Here we are. Another Pinspiration post gone by. When I began this collection of posts, I didn’t realize how quickly the months would go by.

Although, I has been really fun to see how my inspiration has changed throughout the summer season.

This board is a bit of a mix between light clothing to enjoy the last bits of warm weather, along with fall essentials to get ready for the coming cold. There are some shorts and tanks, along with cardigans and pants.

The pattern for this month is tartan. Something about the stripes and blocks create such a smart design that seems to fit the red and gold leaves. It makes me want to grab my notebook and learn stuff.

The color for this board is rose pink. It’s a little ironic because I used to hate pink. I wanted nothing to do with the color because I was a tomboy and had to prove myself as such. But now, this color is my new favorite. I got new glasses that are pink. My phone case is pink. And I have several makes planned with a pink color scheme.

Here’s my favorite pins of this month. You can see the whole board here.

The Pastel Stripe Romper

Photo from The Dressed Aesthetic

One of the first things I pinned was this bright romper. I love the colors of the stripes which is the main reason I saved this item. It’s a nod to a rainbow without bright colors.

60s Vibe

Photo from guachinou tumblr

It seems every board has an influential fashion decade and for this board it is the 1960s. I love the A-line dresses and girlish charm it has. There’s something cute but also put together about this stylish decade that I really love. I’m particularly fond of this photo for the color scheme and her style.

Side Button Dress

Photo from Huzzah Vintage Flickr

I have a couple dresses here that button to the side for an asymmetrical design. It’s a wrap dress mixed with a button down and I adore it. It has interest without too much in your face.

Tartan Capris

Photo from inactivevevevveve Instagram

I have quite a few tartan pants on this board and I just love how they look: classy and smart. Which is exactly how I want to appear when I go to class. Dress for success, ya know?

Velvet Wide Leg Pants

Photo from Refinery29

This was a surprise pop up. On Instagram, I saw someone wearing amazing velvet pants and I knew I had to make my own. Peppermint Magazine released a Wide Pant Pattern that I want to make in velvet to match this particular style.

So, that’s what I’ve been pinning this month. The inspiration has been all across the board (pun intended) but I’m happy with what I’ve collected. I have a clear sight for what I want to make in the Fall now and I’m ready for it!

Keep on stitching!


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