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An Outfit Made from Free Sewing Patterns

Welcome to In The Making!

This is a very special look because both the top and shorts were free patterns, which- to me- is such a steal. Patterns are one of the most expensive pieces for sewing, so I’m super excited to share these freebies with you.

In The Folds Peplum Top and Drawstring Shorts

Now, just cause they don’t cost any money doesn’t mean they are a bad deal. In fact, both are just as good as any you would find in stores.

These two patterns are from Peppermint Magazine in collaboration with In The Folds. Peppermint Magazine has a collection of patterns released and all are free to download. You can check out all their patterns here!

For this particular look, I made the peplum top and the drawstring shorts.

I also have a post about the Colette Sorbetto top which is also a free pattern by Colette. So, check it out for more freebie goodness!

The Patterns

Let’s break it down, shall we?

Photo from Peppermint Magazine

The drawstring shorts have a “paper bag waist” which has elastic and a drawstring. So, no difficult closures (I’m looking at you, zippers). It has curved hems that are finished with facing. It also has inset pockets that are big enough to fit a lot of snacks!

This is a simple pattern and a good one to use when starting to sew trousers. The construction is simple, and the fit is loose so you don’t have to do any wild adjusting to get it to sit right. You just have to get it to slide over your hips and sit at your waist.

Photo from Peppermint Magazine

The peplum top has a scoop front neckline and a v-shape in the back. The top is a tiny bit cropped so it doesn’t sit as low as a regular tee shirt. It is also sleeveless with the neckline and armhole finished with bias binding. The interesting feature about this pattern is that the shoulders are a separate piece than the front and back. This can be used to make some color blocking, some cool striping, or even adding piping to the seams to make that design pop.

The top is a loose fit and slips on over the head, so no zippers or elastic.

Both patterns are designed for woven fabrics.

My Adjustments

For the shorts, I cut out a size C and didn’t change anything on the pattern pieces. I chose to omit the drawstring just cause I didn’t want to buy a cord and make buttonholes. It was entirely a decision based on laziness.

If I make these shorts again, I would size down. The legs are very wide on me like they expect me to have bigger thighs.

Loose Peplum Top

For the top, I went back and forth on what size to cut. I finally decided to size down and cut out a size B. I’m glad I did because a C would have been too large on me. This top is meant to be loose, but I like the slightly tighter fit better.

The Finished Garments

These are such a comfortable pair of shorts! I made mine out of a cotton chambray bought at Bolt Fabric Boutique. It is from the Gertie by Gretchen collection. It’s a super light and airy fabric which is perfect for the hot summer weather. I wore these out on a hot day, took a walk to a cafe, and was comfortable the entire time in the heat.


I also really like the construction of these shorts. The pockets are finished with french seams so there aren’t any raw edges. The paper bag waistband is made by folding over the waistband and stitching the elastic casting 7/8″ down from the fold. The one part that I had issues with is the hem facing. It doesn’t want to stay on the inside of the garment and likes to flip out even with the tacking stitches.

I will be honest, I didn’t really follow the instructions because I’m pretty comfortable making shorts and I have a system for how I like to construct them. But they came out great so I did a good job!

In The Folds Peplum Top Back

The peplum top is made out of a rayon challis from Fabric Mart that I had leftover in my stash. I love its drape and movement. It’s perfect for this flowy top.

I had some problems with this pattern that I will keep in mind for any future use. The pattern has notches to indicate seam allowances, yet when I clipped them it just caused the side seam to tear easily. I found that those notches compromised the integrity of the garment.


Besides this one issue, the pattern is fantastic. I love how it looks on me and it’s just so versatile. There’s so much potential for this pattern. You could lengthen the peplum piece and make it into a dress. Do some color blocking. Have the peplum piece be lace fabric. The world is yours with this pattern.

I have read others who made the top lengthened it in order for more coverage. I didn’t have this problem because I have a short torso so I can wear my mid-rise jeans with this top. However, it is something to keep in mind if you need/want more length.


How fantastic is it that these patterns are free?! And there’s so much more out there too! These are perfect for beginners who don’t want to spend a lot of money on this craft but want to grow their skills.

12/10 recommend.

Cherry Drawstring Shorts

One of the favorite outfits is the cherry shorts with my watermelon top. It’s like I’m a walking fruit salad.

Keep on stitching!


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