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My July 2018 Pinspiration

I cannot believe that it is already July.

It feels like my June Pinspiration post went up just yesterday, and now I’m talking about what inspired me this month.

Unfortunately, my June 2018 board looks a bit bare. I haven’t had a lot of time to sit on Pinterest since I started a job and have to balance that with sewing and also getting ready for school in the fall.

But I have a few good pins on there that have given me some inspiration for some upcoming makes. You can see my board in its fully glory here.


Stylewise, there are a lot of girly, delicate items. With the heat ramping up, I’ve been loving the look of gathered skirts, flowy sleeves, and button-ups. Stuff that you wear when eating ice cream in town, or going to the fair.

There is a bit of a trend with the prints: stripes. I love the interesting lines that can be made from striped fabric. One of my favorites on this board is the coral dress that has the chevron bodice and the pockets with the lines going in different directions. It’s a super simple detail but makes a great look.

Another popular print this month is lemons. I’ve been seeing lemon dresses popping up in the sewing community recently and I have been loving it! Last year was the time of the pineapple, now it is the time of the lemon.

Favorite Pins

Photo from Poor Little IT Girl

I mentioned this dress earlier, but I adore it so much! The color, the print, and the style are absolutely perfect! Mimi G has the Jessica dress pattern which is a match for this style.

Photo from ModCloth

I think because I rewatched Jurassic Park and Jurassic World this dress popped in on my board. The funky dino print got to me. Tilly and the Buttons has the Bettine dress pattern which is a style match for this dress. The only difference is the sleeves. Now, I would just have to find dino print fabric…

Photo from ModCloth

Another dress from ModCloth (sensing a trend?). The day after I pinned this dress, Sew Over It released their Margarite dress which is almost an exact style match. I also saw a woman wearing a beautiful blue and white polka dot dress out on the street and I loved it. Now I want to make one (after I make my fifty other projects of course!).

This pin is a bit of an oddball. But I have a few embroidery pins saved because I have ideas to update a few of my clothing items. I found the most comfortable pair of jeans I have ever worn at my local Goodwill, but they are rather bland and could use something extra. Maybe cat faces at the knee?

Thanks for reading! Let me know what has been inspiring you this month!

Keep on stitching!



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