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New Make, Who This? Colette Sorbetto Tops!

Welcome to In The Making!

The Colette Sorbetto

I’m always on the lookout for the inexpensive things in life. But when I started sewing, I was appalled by how costly patterns are. Just the other day I found a top pattern that was $22! That’s more money that I’m willing to spend on a ready-to-wear shirt!

The amazing Colette Pattern company came to the rescue. They have a free top pattern on their site called the Sorbetto. I jumped for joy and downloaded it right away because, why not? IT’S FREE!

The Pattern

Let’s break it down, shall we?

Colette Sorbetto

The pattern is a basic tee-shirt shape with a scoop neckline and a box-front detail. You actually have the choice to omit the box-pleat should it not suit your style. There are three versions: a tee with sleeves, a tunic length, and then a tank top. The download also comes with amazing instructions. Colette didn’t skimp out on anything here just because its free.

My Adjustments

Sorbetto Box Pleat
Box Pleat Detail

For myself, I cut a size 4 then did a small bust adjustment using the Colette tutorial here (It’s for a different garment but the same rules still apply- if you have questions just let me know). Thanks to the roomy fit of the garment at the waist, I didn’t grade between sizes at all. According to my measurements that is what I should do, but the waist has enough ease to not need the extra inch.

Based on the fit guide and the model for version 2, the shirt is designed to hit at the mid-thigh. When I checked the finished length measurement against myself, I didn’t think it would be long enough. So, I added two inches. One inch might have been enough and more accurate for the type of garment this is, but I like the length it ended up as.

Cotton+Steel Colette Sorbetto

For the shirt, I shortened it by an inch because I like my tops to end at my hipbone. I also chose to omit the box pleat for a plain front.

The Finished Garments

I made the tunic version out of a polyester crepe from Fabric Mart. I’m in love with this fabric. It’s so wonderful to wear, has great drape, is easy to work with, and the pattern and colors are beautiful. It is quick to get static-y which seems to be common with polyester crepe fabrics.

Colette Sorbetto Version 2

I cut corners with this version a little. When I lengthened the tunic, I forgot to adjust where the side split happens to accommodate the new length which meant that it was too tight around my hips. So, I had to open that up a little more which also meant that the facing for the hem wasn’t long enough and would need to be recut. It was a domino effect of things that all happened just from adding a couple inches (now I know the meaning of the phrase “measure twice, cut once”). I’m saving the rest of this fabric for another make, so I just decided to zig-zag all the edges, hem, and be done.

Colette Sorbetto Tee

On the second version, I made out of a Cotton + Steel fabric from the Menagerie collection which is designed by Rifle Paper Co. The design and colorway are called tapestry violet. I’ve wanted a Cotton + Steel fabric for a while now, and it’s just a wonderful as I expected. I love the weight of the cotton and it feels so nice to wear. I managed to squeeze the shirt out of a yard of 44-inch wide fabric, but I didn’t have the box pleat. And I wasn’t lazy and bias bound this top. Honestly, it was not as difficult as I thought it would be and looks good.

I do think that this top sits a bit too wide on me. I think because there is no extra length to pull the fabric down, it wants to flare out more.

Colette Sorbetto Tee

Both versions didn’t take long to stitch up. The second version took me as long as Back to the Future I and Back to the Future II, but it took me longer because I was watching the movie and not sewing.

Both Sorbetto tops are amazing for summer and I can easily add a layer over for cooler weather. This pattern is a great wardrobe staple and IT’S FREE! Download this pattern, make a whole closet of these shirts, and save yo’ money!

Sorbetto and a Denim Jacket
Coffee N’ Cats

Keep on stitching!


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