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My June 2018 Pinspiration

Welcome to In The Making!

Pinterest is a goldmine. Got a project in mind? Pinterest that. Want to paint your living room? Pinterest that. DIY gifts? Pinterest that. Procrastinating? Pinterest that.

I wanted to share on my blog items that I have been pinning for the month. My pin-spiration is what I’m calling it. Pretty good, right?

To begin, I’ll start with a general overview of what my Pinterest board looks like, but if you want to see for yourself you can check it out here.

The color tone of this month is blue and yellow, but a light saturation. I’m not big on bright colors in summer. I like pastels for this season. I also really enjoy quirky prints. Summer is a good time to bring wear a watermelon dress. I have a few pins saved just for the fun print.

In terms of style, there are a lot of gathers. Gathered skirts, gathered tops, you name it. Also quite a few wrap tops/dresses, even wrap pants. I like the look of light, flowy clothing items in summer. They keep you cool, but they also cover which is nice for sensitive skin in the sun.

Now, onto the fun stuff. There were a few pieces that I knew I needed to make for myself. The first is these gingham shorts from the blog Castaway Vintage.

Photo from Castaway Vintage

I had Simplicity 1887 in my summer sewing plans, but when I wrote that post I had no idea what fabric I would make it out of. Then, these beautiful shorts showed up in my Pinterest feed and the sky opened up, harps started playing, and I knew I could make them. I had a gingham bedsheet that I used for a make that was just turned out awful. So, I decided to reuse it for these shorts. I’m super excited for how they will turn out and really happy I found this photo on Pinterest.

Wrap dresses are pretty big right now, and I like the look of wrap tops as well. Saw this image from SheIn and I liked how versatile it is. I could wear it with jeans, skirts, or even dress it up to be fancy if I wanted.

Photo from SheIn

It doesn’t seem that complicated to make either. I already have a wrap dress pattern, so I could just use the bodice pieces. I could even modify it to have a tie back which is really popular right now, and simple to do.

I love this next dress! I saw the yellow stripes and just had to get it. It was another moment when the skies opened and a beam of light just illuminated this photo. It’s a simple shift dress so it should be super easy to make.

Photo from Sally Shoelover

I went out fabric shopping with my mom with the image of a yellow striped fabric in the back of my head. It was amazing when the first shop we entered had a bolt of the perfect yellow stripes for a good price. I was over the moon, and I’m so excited to make this little dress.

The one pin on this board that is a little out of place is this green velvet dress. It’s out of season and very luxurious looking. However, I love this dress and want it for the fall and winter.

Photo from Vogue

I’m not usually a fan of velvet, but I watched Chronicles of Narnia a few weeks back and besides nostalgia, the movies gave me serious costume envy. The above dress reminds me of some of Queen Susan’s dresses in the films. So, that’s probably why I love it so much.

So, that’s the rundown of the board this month. Thanks for reading! Let me know if there are any pictures that inspire you!

Keep on stitching!


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