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New Make, Who This? Colette Iris Shorts!

Welcome to In The Making!
Colette Iris Shorts
Summer is my favorite season. I get really excited when the weather heats up and I get to wear shorts and tees again. Because of where I live and the lovely rain we get, I only have about three months of nice weather for shorts before it gets gloomy again.
I actually don’t have a lot of summer clothing items. I collected more sweaters and jeans because it was so cold in my dorm room. So, I think I have about two pairs of shorts, and that’s not enough to get me through this hot weather.
To fix this hole in my closet, I made the Colette Patterns Iris shorts that were in my summer sewing plans. I was really excited to use this pattern from this company because they are based in my home state! It’s so cool to me that a talented company is near me, and I want to support them. Plus, their designs are really nice. They have a classic look, but there are little details to the patterns that make them unique.
Gingham and Pink Buttons
 I had a beautiful mint green and grey plaid cotton fabric in my stash that I picked up from District Fabrics in Seattle. It’s such wonderful fabric. It’s got a wonderfully soft feel and it was so easy to work with. I wish I had found more of it because it has changed my life. All I want now is 100% cotton. It doesn’t even crease that badly which is a concern with natural fibers.
Fun Pocket Linings
For the pocket linings, I had some fat quarters that I bought on a whim from Jo-Ann’s. I loved the vintage stamps and packaging print and it just felt right to use them as pockets.
I made Version 2 of the Iris shorts that has the button details. The instructions tell to actually stitch on a buttonhole but I skipped that and just put on some cute pink buttons that accent the mint green.
Pink Buttons
I cut a size 6 at the waist and graded to a 4 at the hips, but I should have just cut a straight size 6. I wouldn’t mind some extra room at the hips, and the difference is minor enough for this style that it wouldn’t change the shape of the shorts.
The pockets were the hardest part for me. For some reason, I sewed them on wrong three times! It was ridiculous. Then, the opening is almost too small. I can’t really get my hands in the pocket. That is probably my fault since I didn’t pay attention to where to pivot.  
The instructions were good and easy to understand literary-wise, but I had some difficulty translating that to what I needed to do with my fabric. The fabric I chose didn’t have a visible right and wrong side which caused the confusion so I would recommend really knowing the sides of your fabric. I should have marked right and wrong side and much of my problems would have been solved. But seam ripping saved the day and these shorts.
The shorts have an invisible zipper in the side, and those are not my favorite. We don’t get along. For these shorts, the way I put them in caused some odd folds at the end but I already have an idea of how to fix it. I also should have interfaced the edges where the zipper sits so that it doesn’t buckle. Mistakes were made, but you sew and you learn.
I really like the Iris shorts. They have a good shape that seems really basic, but the seaming around the pockets and the little buttons just make them so cute! I got this amazing watermelon shirt from H&M and I love wearing these two pieces together.
Suns out, shorts out
I want to make another pair especially since I know my mistakes and how to fix them. I can do better and I want to prove that I can do better.

Big thank you to my little sisters for taking these photos!

Keep on stitching!

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