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New Make, Who This? Vogue 9251!

Welcome back to In The Making!

The first item on my summer sewing plans list was to finish the Vogue 9251 that I had cut out back in spring.

Vogue 9251: a wrap dress pattern

This is my first week of summer vacation and I have been busy, I can tell you that! Right when I got home, I started this dress because I was determined to not be lazy this summer and actually get stuff done.

One week in, one project down. Now only 5 more to go!

A beautiful wrap dress

The pattern is a Very Easy Vogue release, so even though I had never made anything as complicated as this dress, I was hoping it would live up to its title and be “very easy.”

I made View A which is shorter and has fluted sleeves. I was a bit nervous about the sleeves for two reasons. One, they were circular which meant they would be a pain to hem. Two, I wasn’t sure how the exaggerated sleeves would look on me. I’m always wary of adding extra volume to my shoulders since it could imbalance my figure. But despite these two worries, I went forward with the design hoping that it wouldn’t be as bad as I thought.

The perfect summer wrap dress

And I’m happy I took the risk. I like the sleeves on the dress. They are a nice detail to the simple design. However, any slight breeze and these sleeves are folded over backward on my shoulder which is not the desired look. So, I’ll be sticking to the tee-shirt sleeves that come with View B.

A concern of wrap dresses that I was very aware of was that they can gape badly where the front overlaps and need a snap so everything is covered. The pattern is actually too big for my chest so I was sure there would be a problem there. But, to my surprise, the overlap was secure without the extra closures. I wore the dress to my sister’s graduation and the only thing I had to worry about was that my skirt didn’t fly open in the wind.

So, I probably shouldn’t wear this dress on a winds-day.

For the construction, this wrap dress came together pretty quickly. I had it finished in less than a week so I could wear it to the graduation ceremony. The part that took the longest was the hems.

The hems are finished with hand sewing- at least that’s what I thought the instructions were telling me. So, I became like Harry Potter and holed myself up in the room under the stairs to do some hand sewing late into the night.

I had my provisions of peanut butter M&M’s and Arizona half lemonade and half iced tea, a long YouTube video to watch, and lots of thread. My mission began as planned but then halfway through a spider appeared to make trouble and we battled. I won. It was 2 AM when I finally finished. Four hours were spent hand sewing that night. Another day, I hand sewed the bias binding down as well.

My one issue is that I stretched out the back neckline, so now it gapes a bit. I tried to ease it into the bias binding to fix it, but it didn’t really work. It isn’t so bad, and you can’t really notice it when I wear my hair down so it’s not a big deal. The instructions don’t tell you to staystitch the neckline until it’s time to bind it but when I make this again I’ll do it at the start for more security.

Wrap dress

In conclusion, Vogue 9251 is great. I love it. While my glamorous lifestyle may not fit with this beautiful dress, I will make it work. The first day of class outfit maybe? 😁 It was really funny to me that I was wearing this dress before taking photos of it, and I was doing some chores around the house. So, I discovered that this is also the perfect dress to wear when vacuuming as well.

I’m planning on making the longer View B of this pattern in black so it can be my choir gown for the year. I think it will be comfortable to wear on stage in the burning lights.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Vogue 9251! Let me know what you think!

Stay Caffeinated My Friends
Stay Caffeinated My Friends

Keep on stitching!


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