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Summer 2018 Sewing Plans

Welcome to In The Making!

The sun is no longer hidden by clouds, the temperature is up, and school is out for the summer! What am I going to do with all this free time? Sewing of course! And I have a full list of projects to make. So, I’m going to share my plans for this season with you.

The first make is actually already cut out because I wanted to sew it this spring. But school got in the way and it sat on top of my sewing machine taunting me as I did homework.

Vogue 9251: a wrap dress pattern

It’s Vogue 9251 which is a beautiful wrap dress. I’m making View A which is shorter and has the flutter sleeves. I wasn’t quite sold on this style since it looks a bit too formal for my glamorous lifestyle. But, I originally bought it with the mindset to make a choir gown from view B so I’m considering this a test run or wearable muslin.

Blue Rayon Fabric

I’m making it in a deep blue rayon. There is enough left over that I could probably squeeze out some simple shorts too. Also, #sewtogetherforsummer challenge’s theme is to make a wrap dress, so if I get this finished in time I could enter!

McCall's 8712

I found McCall’s 8712 at Value Village. It’s not in print anymore so you won’t find it in stores, but I saw some being listed on eBay and other online shops. I really like the delicate, flowy design of it. I don’t want to be wearing skintight clothing in the heat. And, with the kimono sleeves, it should be super quick to make. I want version D with the cute bow detail.

Rayon Challis Fabric

I will make it out of a rayon challis I got from Fabric Mart. The pattern and color are my summer vibe. I love bright colors in hotter weather. This is another piece wanted to make in spring, but I had to put it off because I needed lining and I preferred to spend my money on fun fabric. But I finally accepted the fact that I need it and purchased some lining. Now, I’m just waiting for it to be delivered so I can get started.

Simplicity 1887

I also got Simplicity 1887 from Value Village. I don’t care much for the skirts, but I like the pants and the shorts- which is the version I want for summer. But later on, when it gets closer to autumn, I will make the cropped pants so I have a transitional piece.

McCall's 7561

I have McCall’s 7561 and for this pattern, I’m planning on sewing up two this summer! I have a beautiful coral polyester/lycra knit that I got from Fabric Mart that would make a wonderful, flowy full-length version of this dress.

Polyester Lycra Knit Fabric

The second dress will be in this fun interlock knit fabric, also from Fabric Mart.

Interlock Knit Fabric

I haven’t decided what style I want the other one to be, and I’m thinking I’ll probably do some pattern hacking. I want the shorter skirt, but the neckline and sleeve length is still up in the air.

The Colette Sorbetto is on my list as well. I want to make the tunic version out of this crepe fabric I got from Fabric Mart.

Colette Sorbetto
Strawberry Crepe Fabric

I also have the Colette Iris pattern that I would love to make and put some cute pastel buttons on the pockets. I don’t have the fabric for it yet, but my mom and I are planning on taking a day out together and going to all the cute, local fabric stores so I should be able to find something there. I was thinking a linen would be a good fabric for this pattern. And, I’ve been itching to use linen since the weather got nice.

Colette Iris Shorts

That totals to seven items to make this summer. I have a lot to do, but I’m excited about each and every one of them! I think I have a good balance of separates and dresses planned. I want to start wearing more dresses, especially now that it’s getting hot outside.

Summer is my favorite season, but I think it’s because the weather where I live is absolutely lovely. It’s not too dry, and not too humid. Just perfect. I love summer. I’m so ready for early mornings and late nights. My sister and I have a tradition where we walk to the convenience store, buy some snacks, then watch a movie. We have about 15+ movies we watch every summer together. So, I’m really happy to be back home now, at least for a break.

Keep on stitching!

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