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First Post! The Seamstress Tag!

Welcome to In The Making!

I’m Emma, the writer of this blog. I’ve finally got myself into high gear and decided to start blogging after months of debating with myself. So, to kick off this occasion and introduce myself, I wanted to do #TheSeamstressTag. This is a Youtube tag started by Hollie Sews that has been going around, but I don’t have a Youtube channel. However, that won’t stop me from talking about myself!

Question 1: Who are you?
Such a vague question. I am many things, but the most interesting part is that I’m a college student who found a creative outlet in sewing. I live and go to school on the west coast in the US. I’m studying Computer Science and I love it.
Question 2: When and why did you start sewing?
My mom used to sew and I wanted her to teach me, but we never got around to it. Last year, I graduated from high school and we had to do a senior project. We could do anything for this so long as we could present it, and I figured that if I didn’t learn how to sew then I never would. It’s a year later and I’ve started to become more obsessed with it as a way to stop thinking about schoolwork. Also, it’s hard for me to find clothes that I love to wear and are well made. I’m rather picky about what I wear and how it fits me, so I like having the ability to make my clothing.
Question 3: What is your favorite or proudest make?
I always see something to fix in my makes so nothing holds a pedestal for me, but I’m the proudest of my Delphine Skirt from Tilly’s Love at First Stitch. I spent more time on this make than any I had made before to make sure I did everything right. It’s not perfect, but it’s the best make I have so I’m rather happy with it. I don’t have a photo of me wearing it, but I’ll post about the make another day so you can see it then.
Question 4: What is your most disastrous make?
I have a lot of those, but the first thing I ever made was a little scarf for my cat as pictured on the left. It was terrible. I had almost no idea what I was doing, and the stitching is just horrendous. But my cat wore it and loved it, so I can’t complain too much. I made him a better one later which is shown on the right.
Crosby and his bow
Question 5: Where is your favorite place to go fabric shopping?
I’m a Jo-Ann’s gal ‘cause it’s relatively cheap and fairly accessible for me. If I can, I want to touch the fabric. However, since I’m in college and I can’t get out as much, I love Fabric Mart. Jo-Ann’s doesn’t always carry the kind of fabric that I want, and Fabric Mart has a good selection. They have a lot of sale fabrics, ship quickly, and lots of beautiful prints. Much of my stash is from them and I have not been disappointed yet.
Question 6: What is your most used pattern?
I don’t have a go-to pattern yet, but I made McCall’s 7542. The style is a really popular look nowadays so I want to make a few more with different sleeves details. I also really want to make more Delphine skirts because it’s a classic style that can be added upon for a different look.
Question 7: Your most dreaded sewing task is…
I actually hate cutting out the pattern from the fabric. I’m always worried I’m doing something wrong, but when I cut there is no going back. So if I mess up then the whole project is ruined. It just stresses me out!
Question 8: And your favorite sewing task?
I love doing a fitting. It’s so fun to try on what I’m making and it keeps me motivated to finish the project. I get the most excited knowing I’ll get to wear what I make.
Question 9: What is your favorite ‘sewing entertainment’?
I either watch Youtube videos or a movie. Although, I do get distracted by what I’m watching and don’t fully focus on what I’m making, so I should probably just stick to music.
Question 10: Printed or PDF?
Yes. I’m not picky. A pattern is a pattern.
However, printed patterns remind me that I have to make them whereas with PDF I tend to forget because they are stored on my computer out of sight and out of mind.
Question 11: What sewing machine do you use?
I have a Singer Talent machine gifted to me from my parents as a graduation gift. It works well and isn’t too fancy but still has some nice features such as a stretch stitch and some embroidery stitches.
Question 12: Do you have any other hobbies?
I sing in my school’s women’s choir which is really fun. Besides school, I enjoy drawing and writing. Almost anything that can keep my mind occupied. I read and play video games as well if one could call those hobbies.
And there we go! I hope you feel sufficiently introduced to me.
Thanks for reading this far! I’m super excited to get this blog rolling especially with summer break just around the corner so I will have more time to sew.

Keep on stitching!


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